Release version of ExcelC++ Application . Using Qt (C++) deployed on Windows Desktop.

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ExcelC++ Application

A Software that generates an Excel file (.csv) as output by sorting data from two separate Excel files (.csv) according to conditions mentioned below:

Basic Instructions for running this software

STEP 1: -Unpack the zip folder (ExcelC++ App)

STEP 2: -In the main directory you will find the following folders: -Cpp -debug -release and some other necessary files

Leave everything untouched

OPEN the folder "release"


-In the "release" folder you will find start.exe
-Run start.exe

STEP 4: CHOOSE CUSTOMER DETAILS FILE: -Use this file chooser to select the customers details file

The details file is supposed to have the follwing columns:(according to order)

customer_id | email | first_name |last_name | customer_currency | account_number | phone | fax | mobile | toll_free | website   | country | province/state | address | city postal_code

STEP 5: CHOOSE CUSTOMER BILLS FILE: -Use this file chooser to select the customer bills file

The bills file is supposed to have the follwing columns: (according to order):

customer_id | Current_Bill | Due_Bill | Total

OUTPUT: -The output is generated as "data.csv" in the Output folder found in "..release/Output" location

The output shows the following columns grouping customers by Address (according to order):

customer_id | Name | Phone | Current_Bill | Due | Total 

Note: The platform specific dll files must be located at "../release/platforms/"
In this case it is qwindows.dll , since the software is deployed on Windows platform