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A catering business website with an easy-to-use admin panel

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A catering business website with an easy-to-use admin panel

Project maintained here

Technologies used:

Frontend: HTML,CSS,JQuery,Ajax,Bootstrap 3

Backend: PHP,Codeigniter (v.3)

Database: MySQL

This Project is divided into two sections. The Website and the Admin Panel

The Website

The website is basically the frontend which is built on Bootstrap. The layout comes with a smooth scrolling interface and an infinite scroll slider/carousel. Both of them are easily customizable. The website displays the following features to its users:




-Why Choose Us



-Food Ingredients

-Social Responsibility

-Our Team

-Fint Us

Run from Localhost: localhost/GarlicCaetring/index.php

You are free to use the GarlicCatering layout for your next business website template

Admin Panel

The admin panel is mostly the backend which is built on the Codeigniter v.3 framework. Besides MySQL database has been used.The admin panel is a privileged section reserved for the website maintainer. It has the follwing options included in the navigation bar:

-Website [homepage link]

-Analytics [Link to Google analytics of the website]

-New Post [Add post to Recent section of the website]

-New Banner [Update banner displayed at the topmost of the website]

-New Slide [Update photos of the slider]

-Recent Posts [View posts recently published]

-Posts Archive [View all posts]

-Logout [logout from admin panel]

The admin panel heavily depends on the Codeigniter framework . The URLs are genarated in the Codeigniter way.

Run from Localhost: localhost/GarlicCatering/admin/login

Username: garlic

Password: 1

The Admin Panel is inuitive and easy-to-use, explore and have fun !!