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C++ Phone

Documentation & References

This is the official documentation of the console based C++ Phone . The entire software is written in C++ .
The graphical interface is built with the SFML library. All the header files containing neccessary functionalities are listed in the left bar. Besides some important instructions to operate the software properly are also mentioned .

In order to run the software successfully you should go through all the instructions and documentation written in the left-bottom corner. Besides the software directory and its subfolder should be kept as it is.

Quick Start: Open the Code subfolder and run main.exe

NOTE: In case of using the Music app please make sure you have added your music files (.wav / .ogg format) in the music subfolder under Code directory

Online Converter can be found here: .wav Converter and .ogg converter

The Main Controller is the first thing you will encounter. The controller syntax must be mantained.

Main Controller comes with the following features:

[ +S ] (Select)

Enter +S to select a Person from all the pre-registered and recently-registered Persons. You can choose to activate any Person by entering their index number

[ +R ] (Register)

Enter +R to Register a New Person.

[ +P ] (Phone)

Enter +P to use the Cpp-Phone. A Graphical interface will pop up.

[ +D ] (Details)

Enter +D to display details of the selected/ activated Person.

[ # ] (Refresh)

Enter # to refresh the console and view the Main Controller

[ X ] (EXIT)

Enter X to EXIT the program